Society of Scottish Artists

I am a professional member of the SSA an am really pleased to have been able to show this new selection of work at the their 121st annual exhibition at the RSA in Edinburgh.


Evanesce is a set of two interconnected porcelain sculptures with edges that would come together to create a complete picture, but are instead fragmenting and twisting away from one another.  The title means to pass out of sight, memory, or existence. I use a circular motif to simultaneous represent everything and nothing. Within the surface of the porcelain the circular elements are in varying states of disassociation with the whole, with some completed detached to create a void.  While the voids represent something missing, it also offers the viewer a glimpse between layers, access to a deeper level and a different viewpoint.  As the viewer moves around the pieces the view and perspective on the whole changes.  


The Spaces Between The Spaces Between is a single porcelain sculpture the shape of which is ambiguous and difficult to grasp.  It is intended to convey the difficulty of navigating our world when our memories are unreliable.  From one angle the piece appears to be conical and tapering upwards, however from another angle it appears to be top heavy with a thin and narrow base.  It is not that only one interpretation of what we see is correct, it’s all about our own perspective. 



Associations was an exhibition of new work presented by Fife Contemporary at Kirkcaldy Galleries as part of Luminate 2017, Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival.  The exhibition was selected by Jan Patience in the Herald as one of the highlights of the festival. 

We think of memory as a fixed and accurate record of our experience and interactions with our world. However research shows that our brains do play tricks on us and that we can make up memories as well as lose them, creating alternative versions of our past that still seem very real.   We now understand much better how diseases such as dementia change the way we access our memories, and why this can alter our interpersonal connections and the way we see the world.  

In exploring this theme, I used paper thin layers of porcelain to recreate the way I envision the layering of memories, sometimes connecting to create a complete picture, sometimes fragmenting to create a partial recollection. In my new 3D compositions the relationship between layers alters as the viewer moves around the work and their perspective changes.  Light and shadow play an important part, creating a further dimension and bringing individual elements in and out of focus. 


The work encourages the viewer to take a moment for contemplation, and to move around to find their own visual connections and personal perspectives.  It seeks to recreate the calming effects that come with the loss of fear, one of the benefits of altered memory.  

Associations Workshops -Making and working with your hands is a very absorbing experience that simultaneously helps you to relax and gives you space to think.  A very important part of this project has been the chance to work with carers and introduce them to the joy of working with porcelain.  




Fragments is a free digital book documenting Carol's work, designed and produced by Coffee with a Lid as a companion to the Fragments Exhibiton at Gayfield Creative Space, August 2014. Get the i-Pad App here.